paco corrientes

Paco Corrientes

Experience, Interaction & Product designer, based in Paris.

Having worked in several sectors which span entertainment industry, e-commerce, startups, design consultancy agencies, online stationery & printing, telecoms, banking, consumer electronics, service providers, at various locations across the globe for the past 14+ years, I don't seem to be getting over with it, at least not yet, as I’m always eager to learn and experiment more, and share knowledge.

Always striving to make connections between disciplines, narratives, intuitions, removing background-noise, amplifying and fine-tuning weak signals, and ultimately processes to form ideas that can cristalize into tangible outcomes.

I believe that experience designers should expose themselves, with humility and generosity, at as many contexts, situations, technologies and scenarios as possible, in order to prevent getting jaded or used to the comfort-zone, it makes you more versatile, reactive, skeptical, inquisitive and adaptive, which is not a bad thing in this field.

Right now I work as UX Lead on product innovation at Technicolor, currently exploring, with the help of a multidisciplinary talented team, the future experiences for upcoming connected smart objects. Through research, testing and prototyping we try to materialize concepts and explorations into tangible, consistent and memorable products & services. My work involves the envisioning and definition of multimodal experiences, VUI, conversational and multisensorial interactions, anticipating and getting ready for the post-screen era.


Design with the user at the heart of everything you do.

Don't jump into the solution until you understand crystal clear the problem you are trying to solve, the context, the goal to be accomplished, for whom and why.

Listen. Observe. Learn. Think. Ideate. Articulate. Create. Iterate.




Hewlett Packard, Livenation, Moo


Designing for voice interactions,
by Cathy Pearl

Weapons of choice

Pencil & paper, Drawing, Sketching, Illustrations, Storyboards, Writing
Adobe CS Suite, Sketchapp
Dropbox, Zeplin, Trello
Axure, Marvelapp, Invisionapp, Adobe XD, Principleformac, Omnigraffle, Hype4, Balsamiq, etc ...and other more protoyping tools that all do basically the same thing.
Mind mapping/Conceptual mapping
Photography for storytelling, research and documentation.
Right, Left, ..or even both sides of the brain when needed.
A generous dose of humility and patience.
Analytical and lateral thinking, although dedicating some time to just "think" enough, does the job most of the time.
Ability to absorb and diggest a gross amount of complexity in a relatively short timespan.
Guerrilla user research & testing, usually means with none or quite limited budget and sources.
Design Facilitation.
I love problems.
Foster collaboration.
Knowledge sharing.
More Coffee
Again, Not jumping into the solution, until the problem we are trying to solve, the context, the goal to be accomplished, why and for whom, is fully understood.
Did I say that I love problems?
And as bonus track, a significant and extensive collection of pasts mistakes.

Methods & Artifacts

Business Model/Lean Canvas
Goals oriented design
Value proposition design
Ideation and discovery collaborative workshops
Contextual enquiry & observation Personas
Guerilla testing
Low to high fidelity prototipes
Concept design
Mind maps/Conceptual Maps
Task Analysis
Work/Tasks flows
User Journeys
User Experience Maps
User Stories
Interaction Models

I've worked with...

Axance | Universal Music
Brilliant Basics | HSBC
Live Nation Entertainment
Hewlett Packard

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