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Wireless Doctor

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Apps Suite | Tools Set


Paris, France



Most of the time We are blind about the root cause that slows down internet and our over-crowded home or office networks or prevent full coverage, or simply it would require unwanted endless helpdesk calls or technical how-to knowledge to address those issues.

So We are working in a cloud-based system with multiple touch points where different Apps/troubleshooting tools adapted to different audiences as end-users, technicians, hepdesk operators, customer care and operations, will enable them to have a better and more accurate understanding in real time about the home network health, possible issues and diagnostics, able to trigger automated self-healing mechanisms based on continuos data monitoring and analysis, to get the most of a seamless internet service anytime.


Lead UX/Interaction designer. Involving Data Visualisation, Information design, Motion Design, UX/UI design for multiple touch-points as Dashboards, Web and Mobile applications and front-ends.