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Live Nation | Ticketmaster

Responsive Design | Mobile First

Responsive design

Client: Live Nation Entertainment

London, UK



Live Nation as global leader on events promotion, distribution and ticket sales, had the need to apply responsive design/Mobile First approach to its ticketing transactional engine and platform unifying and enhancing the purchasing experience on small screens for 18 european countries.


As the unique Lead UX designer assigned to this project, the main challenge was the inherent complexity of dealing with more than a dozen of stakeholders and product managers simultaneuously, almost none of them with a true hands-on familiarity with responsive design and its implications and trade-offs, mostly in terms of information density, touch-screen friendlyness, readability.

How to prototype, test, implement and deploy without afecting tickets sales, conversion rate, or any disruption on the service for 18 country websites?
How to adapt efficiently the UI to more than 12 different languages?
Will the users feel secure enough buying tickets on their mobile? What information they seek in small screens prior to purchase?
What actually refrain them to do it? Lack of touch friendlyness? Can we reduce the number of steps, and interactions during checkout?
Will this have a positive impact on the desktop version?

We had to prevent over-expectations on an inmediate impact on conversion rate growth, as we understood that users, in that time, behaved differently in mobile Vs Desktop, used to explore or search events first in the mobile and to finalize the transaction via desktop web app as they considered it more secure. Nowadays this trend has changed.


Lead UX Designer
Tools: Adobe CS, Axure, Bootstrap, Jquery, Foundation (by Zurb) boilerplate, tons of sense of humor. Weekly iterations.